Sunday, 26 October 2014

See Harris Inspired: The Runners

Okay so I know this was released aaages ago but a friend sent this to me recently and it really struck a chord with me.

I've been properly running for about a year and a half now and while I'm always experiencing peaks and troughs with it, this video reminded me of the power that running can have: not just transforming you physically but also mentally.

It's not a fancy film and it's only about 11 minutes long, but I absolutely love The Runners.

Harris x

What did you think of The Runners?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

In search of the fear factor (or help me find a race!)

There's no motivation quite like sheer terror. And for me sheer terror is usually what I feel before a race. 

I'm currently enjoying doing lots of little runs (nothing more than 5k) but there is NO progress happening right now. If anything I feel like I'm going slower…ERGO I need to get me signed up for some more races baby!

I know, I know, I've picked a bit of a stupid time as there seem to be far less during the autumn/winter months. But surely there are some out there?

I'm currently on the hunt for a nice early spring half marathon (yes, I'm going to put myself through that all over again dammit I will do it faster and stronger and generally better) as well as some 10ks (preferably at least one or two before Christmas). 

Seeing everyone having a great time doing the Royal Parks left me hankering to try out another half, especially since I haven't run further than 10k since the Liverpool Rock'n'Roll. I'm currently considering applying for a charity place for the Brighton half. I've heard lots of good things about running in Brighton so it would be lovely to try a half there. There's also the Adidas Silverstone half in March, although I'm slightly suspect about the route - it sounds a little boring to me, although I might well be wrong. 

As far as 10ks go, I'm not too sure. My flatmates and I are considering doing a 'Mo Run' for Movember (plus I look damn good with a tache) but other than that I'm slightly stumped.

Harris x

Do you need to be TERRIFIED (slash just have some races planned) to feel motivated? Have you got any race suggestions for me?