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Welcome to See Harris Run!

I'm Harris (Sarah Ann Harris if you want to get technical), a 22-year-old living in London.  I'm blogging about my journey to attempted fitness as I learn to run. Very slowly.

My name is Sarah Ann Harris, but, mainly due to a bunch of friends also called Sarah, most people call me Harris. Original right?
So this blog is very much a work in progress, but I'm hoping to use this blog to record my progress as I learn to run. And learn to blog. Basically there's a lot of learning going on here.

I started from absolutely ZERO fitness - I got out of breath even running for a minute. I was actually kind of ashamed to walk up the stairs with anyone because I got a bit out of puff. I used to get soo mad when people were like "Oh yeah my fitness is like sooo bad" and then they'd go for a casual half hour run and return looking fresh as daisy. I was SERIOUSLY UNFIT. Like beetroot-faced, tshirt-soaked, dropping-your-iPhone-because-even-your-hands-are-sweaty unfit.

But in the end I had enough and after a couple of false starts I decided I really did want to run.

And now I look like this.  In my dreams.
I really wish that I'd started blogging sooner because I'd like to have documented my journey right from the start, but I'll do my best to look back on my progress from total beginner to an advanced beginner (as I like to think of myself now).

I am in no way whatsoever an authority on running, exercise or nutrition, but I have tried to educate myself as I go. I still very much consider myself a beginner, but hopefully you'll be able to see my progress as I learn to run!

Any advice or comments will be very much appreciated!

Harris x

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