Friday, 16 January 2015

Update: Fantastic Jantastic and my second half marathon

After a predictably sedentary Christmas, I knew it was time to get my arse into gear come January.

When I read about Jantastic, it seemed like the perfect way to motivate myself to ensure I kept at least three workouts in the diary every week. It's a really simple concept - set yourself a workout goal each month and then log what you've managed - but for someone like me who is the queen of excuses, it's been a great way to keep myself accountable.

I hit my goal for week one and I'm on track for a successful week two as well - we'll see how the rest of the month goes!

I've also been sorting some races out for the coming year. As I've said before, there's nothing like the gut-wrenching fear of knowing you've got to run in front of potentially thousands of people to get you training!

I'm really excited to have signed up for my second half marathon, the Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon. It looks like a great race and I can't wait for May to arrive (although I guarantee you I won't be saying that in a few months) so I can get stuck in. A few friends of mine will hopefully also taking part and it will certainly be a little easier to reach than Liverpool! 

Other race dates in the diary so far are the Cancer Research London Winter Run 10k and the British Heart Foundation Regent's Park 10k.

There's even been mention of possibly doing Survival of the Fittest later in the year...*gulp* 

So 2015 looks like it's shaping up pretty well. I've been having a little think about what I want my goals to be but that's a post for another day. For now, it's time to get back on 10k form!

Harris x

Did you run the Run Hackney half marathon last year? What races are you excited for this year?