Saturday, 7 September 2013

Update: In between trips

I arrived back from Ireland in the early hours of yesterday morning. It was a mercifully smooth crossing and although we were all shattered by the time we got home, we all agreed that it was a lovely trip.

Not 100% sure this helped my running...
Firstly I have to admit that I decided against the running on holiday - mainly because it was a choice between a pair of heels or a pair of trainers in the suitcase - and as far as my Ireland trip went, it was definitely the right choice. I barely had a moment spare between visiting relatives and other activities (mainly centred around stuffing my face silly and a wee drink of Guinness).

The view from my hotel window (very Downton!)
So yesterday I thought I would try and cram a quick run in between unpacking from Ireland, sorting out paperwork for my new flat and re-packing for Portugal.

It was disappointing to say the least. I could practically feel all those Irish scones jiggling around as I ran and I only managed 4.5k. Even that felt like a struggle and I was almost out of breath for most of the run.

I know we all have good days and bad days, but I couldn't help but feel pretty disappointed at how hard I found yesterday's run.

I wasn't expecting to struggle quite so much with this run
I'm just going to enjoy this week in the sun now and make sure that I get properly back on the running when I'm back. The November 10k is starting to loom in my mind and I need to really get myself in gear and get training.

I'm also looking forward to finding some new routes around the area that I'll be moving too - I'll be in reachable distance of Putney Heath, Richmond Park and Wandsworth Common so am wondering if I can find some nice routes around there.

Harris x

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