Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Update: Stress, stress and more stress

Well after a lovely two weeks of holiday, the stress immediately began to pile on once I arrived back in London.

So I have a lot of junk left to unpack
Firstly there seemed to be an endless list of problems with moving into our new flat - everything from rejected offers to missing paperwork - not to mention the stress of actually moving into the place. I still can't quite believe how difficult the whole process was, but all's well that ends well and I'm now installed in my lovely new place (which is at the top of a hill, so no more avoiding hills when I run!).

Add that whole nightmare to my fast-approaching MA dissertation deadline and night-shifting at work and things have been absolutely crazy. In fact another holiday to chill out again would be perfect right now. Oh well...

The obligatory legs/pool shot from holiday. This is what I try to envision as I'm slaving away on my dissertation.

But looking on the bright side my dissertation will be handed in (in whatever state it may be) by the end of the month and then I can at least take a bit of a breather.

My running has really suffered because I've been so busy and I've only been managing about one or two a week (I ideally like to aim for a minimum of 3, preferably 4). It actually seems pretty silly, since I always find I feel less stressed when I've been for a run! With my first 10k fast approaching I know that as soon as my dissertation is in I need to really get myself into gear with training.

I'm actually really looking forward to finding some routes in my new area and making some good progress in preparation for my 10k.

So onward and upwards, wish me luck with the dissertation and see you on the other side!

Harris x

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