Thursday, 3 October 2013

Why blog about running?

This is a question I've been asked several times and, to be honest, have asked myself a few times. I'm only a beginner, I don't have all the pearls of wisdom that some more seasoned running bloggers do. So far the longest race I've run is a 5k (although that's set to change in November!). Don't even get me STARTED on my diet...

But so far I have no regrets about starting to blog about my fitness journey. Why? Here are some reasons!

  1. Blogging about my running makes me accountable. So many times I have picked up a hobby, joined a gym or whatever it may be and dropped it a little while later. But now that I'm writing about my plans and my hopes for my running, I feel like I have to do my very best to see them through.
  2. I now have a record of my journey. Already I'm hugely enjoying looking back at my progress and realising that I can do things now that I would never have dreamed I'd be capable of just months ago.
  3. I have already learnt so much from other bloggers and I'm sure I will continue to do so. The more I blog, the more I find myself reading other running blogs and this has been absolutely invaluable for picking up tips and ideas for my running. 
  4. I'm learning more about the online fitness community. I'm really looking forward to meeting some other running bloggers at the Write This Run conference in November and picking up some more tips on both running and blogging.
Do you blog about your running? Why?

Harris x

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