Thursday, 20 November 2014

Do you even pre-workout?

My experience of supplements etc doesn't really stretch any further than the occasional protein shake after a long run or work out. But when the lovely people at USN offered to send me some of their Hyperlean Two-In-One pre-workout to try, I thought I'd give it a bash.

Here are some of the benefits that they say Hyperlean can give you:
  • Can improve nitric oxide generation
  • A great energy source
  • Can contribute to muscle recovery
  • Promotes weight control and lean muscle maintenance
I've been trying a serving of Hyperlean about 40 minutes before I go to the gym - I don't really like the feeling of drinking a lot before a run.

Once you've shaken it up, the pre-workout is a slightly weird pinkish colour. My only criticism of it is the taste - I really dislike the 'fruit fusion' flavour and have on occasions had to hold my nose to force it down! However this is something that's very much down to personal preference. I often struggle to find flavours of things that I like (Nuun has finally solved this problem with about nine million different flavours!) so I'm not really surprised that this was a sticking point for me.

'Fruit fusion' just isn't the flavour for me :(
I definitely feel like I have the energy to work out for a bit longer when I have some of the pre-workout - bizarrely one thing I particularly noticed it in was when I did the plank! 

I've also been feeling less sore and DOMS-y but then I've also been a good girl and doing my foam rolling after working out too so that may be a combination of both. 

While I'm not sure a pre-workout is something I'd use regularly, if you fancy a really intense workout or need a bit of a boost then it certainly can't hurt!

Harris x

Do you ever use a pre-workout? Do you struggle with finding flavours you like?

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