Monday, 10 November 2014

I've found the one...and it's a spiralizer

I thought it was just a fling. I thought maybe my feelings would change. I though perhaps my trust was misplaced.

But NO, my spiralizer is definitely the one.

My new boo
So what is a spiralizer?

It's basically a nifty gadget for turning any fairly firm veg into long strips (they can either be thin like spaghetti or thicker like udon noodles) in a cool spiral shape.

I've heard tons of people talking on Twitter about making 'courgetti' or 'zoodles' - the world's best portmanteau describing spaghetti/noodles made out of courgette, so I decided to get on board.

DISCLAIMER: I really dislike courgette

But here's the thing: quickly fried and then smothered in pesto or simmered in a delicious tomato sauce, you'd have no idea that these courgetti contained any of the gross green stuff. I may even put some recipes up in future (you have been warned) because I feel like I need to spread the spiralizing love!

Go on, try and tell me this doesn't look delicious
I'm an absolute pasta fiend and while there's a time and a place for a big old bowl of the stuff, it got to a point last winter where I was eating it every single day. I also struggle to get enough veggies into my diet (I admit I can be a little picky) so any way of sneaking more greens into my meals is fine by me, Now instead of eating a serving of pasta, I eat a whole courgette!

When my spiralizer first arrived, I was a little confuse about how exactly to go about it all. But after some quick googling I discovered it's actually dead simple - check out Inspiralized for easy how-to videos on how to turn pretty much any veg into spirals (and also lots of delicious recipes).

So far courgetti is definitely my favourite spiralized food, although I have also made myself some 'noodle salads' spiralized cucumber and carrot. Cucumber works really well but I found that carrot is harder because it's thinner (the thicker your veg the better your noodles). However maybe if I used some beefier carrots it might be better.

My next spiralizer venture is hopefully going to be sweet potato curly fries. I think this may involve a bit of trial and error but fingers crossed!

My rather unphotogenic (but delicious) tuna 'noodle' salad
As a slight veggie-phobe I can honestly say that getting a spiralizer has really helped me to up my vegetable intake. I've had it for about three months now and it still makes regular appearances unlike some gadgets (liquidizer I'm looking at you). I've recommended buying one to everyone from friends to work colleagues to random people on Twitter - if only I was on commission! Yes it might still not be huuugely healthy to smother my courgetti in pesto but hey...I'm working on it!

Harris x

P.S. I got my spiralizer here

Have you ever tried a spiralizer? Do you struggle to get your portions of vegetables in?


  1. How timely - I literally tweeted this morning that I was going to make the plunge and buy a spiralizer and did anyone have any recommendations! I am a zoodle fiend (WHY would you ever want pasta again) and have been using my julienne peeler with no problems, but it's gotten to the point where I want to make zoodles quickly, and make them NOW. I think I have proven I eat them enough (2+ times a week) so I can justify getting a larger gadget. I guess that is what has put me off a full spiralizer so far - I hate kitchen clutter (I have a miniscule kitchen and can't even fit a chopping board on the "bench space") so I try and not buy gadgets for the sake of it. But this looks awesome!!

    1. Haha great minds eh? If the julienne peeler is doing the job then fair enough but the spiralizer is so quick - I just can't fault it! But I do have to admit it's not small and if you're struggling for surface space then it could be a bit of an issue x

  2. Replies
    1. Game changer! Let me know how you get on :) x